Service List

Choose your Storage Services

Fiberglass boat w/tower inside $880 PWC stored inside (Not Available) $385
Fiberglass boat inside (Not Available) $820 PWC stored outside with shrink wrap $330
Fiberglass boat outside w/tower shrink wrap $680 Pontoon stored inside (Not Available) $880
Fiberglass boat outside w/shrink wrap $620 Pontoon outside w/shrink wrap $680
Note: WakeSide is not responsible for any interior damage due to wildlife. Please remove all trash and personal belongings such as food, drinks, life vests, skis, wakeboards, etc.

Choose Your Engine Winterizing and Fall Service

4 Stroke Outboard up to 70HP $275 Inboard $395
4 Stroke Outboard 75hp-175hp $320 Premium Inboard
(includes ballasts & heater/shower majority of inboards from 2000-present)
4 Stroke Outboard 200hp and up $425 2 Stroke PWC $265
2 Stroke Outboard $205 4 Stroke PWC $365
I/O Sterndrive $495
Note: Inboard/I/O package includes: anti-freeze engine block, oil change w/filter, trans fluid, v-drive fluid, (I/O lower unit gear lube), fuel filter change, fuel stabilizer, disconnection battery terminals and multi-point inspections.
Note: OB package includes: change oil, filter, inline fuel filter, spark plugs, fog engine, grease fittings, change gear oil, check seals, disconnect battery and multi-point inspection

Choose Your Other Maintenance

Change Impeller
(Recommended every 1-3 years)
Impellers with Tom Stark
$285 Stern Drive Maintenance
IO Maintenance with Tom Stark
Change Impeller *all Merc Cruiser* and all outboards over 200HP $365 *Inboard/IO Tune-up
General Maintenance with Rob Eastman
Per Quote
Prop refurbish Nibral or Stainless Steel $350 LED Lighting Upgrade Per Quote
Prop refurbish Aluminum $225 Stereo System Upgrade Per Quote
Spring Battery R&R $185
*Change all wearable parts (plugs, cap & rotor, hoses, impeller)- Recommended every 5 years

Choose Cleaning and Detailing

Spring Detail Interior $450 Powerwash carpet w/full wipe down $300
Hull Scrub $300 **Platinum Fiberglass exterior package $1500
Hull Scrub with hand wax $450 Pontoon Panel Wash/Wax $200
Hull Scrub with Buff/Wax (waterline up and deck) $650 Platform Refinish - Teak Per Quote
Hull Scrub, Buff/Wax (hull and waterline up and deck) $1050 Gel coat repair Per Quote
**Includes hull wash, wet sand and buff/wax entire exterior. This service is for restoring oxidized/faded gel.

Choose Your Lift Canopy Services

Lift Canopy Removal, Install, and Professional Laundered $430
***I Do not want the WakeSide Marine Canopy Service $0
***It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the canopy from the lift prior to the pick up period. If the canopy is present upon arrival, we will remove the canopy and the customer will be charged for removal, cleaning and install. This is required for liability reasons.

Choose Your Transportation Services

Fiberglass/Pontoon/Tritoon with a trailer $250
Pontoon without a trailer $300
Fiberglass without a trailer (includes hoist charge) $400
Tritoon without a trailer (includes hoist charge, and cradle storage fee) $500
I will drop my boat off and pick up in the spring at WakeSide Marine $0
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